Who are the Tsimane People

Living in the lowland regions of Bolivia are the Tsimane people. The Amazonian indigenous tribe also goes by several other names including Chamano, Chimane, Achumano; the list goes on. In a census undertaken in 2012, this tribe numbered not more than 7,000 people. In manyTsimane people on a boat ways, this tribe is a spectacle to the world regarding their culture and general way of life. This group of people has come into the limelight owing to an eye-opening health study undertaken in the recent years. The research findings were published in the online publication The Lancet. Researchers established that the Tsimane people of South America had a very low prevalence of developing hardened and clogged arteries or coronary atherosclerosis.

How the Tsimane people lead their lives is thought to be the main reason why they have maintained healthy hearts over years. So far, there is no other study that has revealed such findings; where heart health is concerned. Therefore, the Tsimane tribe are being referred to as people with the best heart health in the world. This tribe is still practicing ancient culture which is interesting to say the least. To begin with, these people are active for the most part of the day; going about daily business of hunting, planting and gathering food. In fact, it is only 10% of the day that they are inactive. This moderate and continuous physical activity has been seen to be a main contributor to heart health.

Tsimane girl happy smilingThe Tsimane people also consume a very healthy diet. In the west, the diet is a complete opposite when comparisons are made. The Tsimane diet is very low in saturated fat and high in carbohydrates that are fiber-rich. They also eat plenty of fish among other wild game. Their staple foods include rice, cassava, corn, nuts, fruits, plantain; among others. In addition, these people do not smoke and neither do they consume alcohol like the western populations. In essence, the study on this indigenous people of the Amazon brought to life the merits of leading a healthy lifestyle

The Tsimane populations are therefore people to emulate if you are looking to live longer or live healthier. In fact, in the study conducted, an 80 year member of the tribe had arteries that would resemble those of a middle-aged American. The take-home lessons are premised on the complete lifestyle that these people lead. They are highly active during the day and consume nutritious foods that play a role in maintaining the integrity of the body.

It can be hard to copy and paste the lifestyle of the Tsimane people of Bolivia into your daily western life. However, you can take a few lessons that make a world of difference in your life. For example, choosing to eat less processed foods is vital. Increasing physical activity will improve your circulation and even help in weight loss. Eating more fish will keep you healthy compared to red meat. The ancient tribe from the Amazon may look primitive but they remind us of critical lessons that may hold the key to the fountain of youth.