Things that can Improve the Lives of the Tsimane People

tsimane kid group www.tsimane.orgLiving in the lowlands of Bolivia are a native tribe known as the Tsimane. These indigenous people have lived close to nature throughout the centuries and are proud sons and daughters of the Amazon. These interesting people were the subject of a study published on the online publication The Lancet. Research findings concluded that these are the most heart-healthy people on earth. To this end, people all around the world have been curious about their native lifestyle. The modern world can learn many things from them including healthy eating and staying active for the most part of the day. However, despite their impressive heart prognosis, the Tsimane, just like many other native communities face a myriad of challenges. From poor healthcare to low quality education and violence; they have many problems. Governments and society in general can help make the lives of the Tsimane easier. This article sheds more light.

  • Better healthcare services

According to the research conducted on the health of the Tsimane people, issues with intestinal worms were rife. Despite being heart-healthy, this lot of people still face many health challenges. In addition to inflammation caused by parasites, such populations are also bogged down with sexually transmitted diseases and respiratory conditions. Because they live deep in the forest, access to quality health services is difficult. In fact, many natives here fear modern medicine. Therefore, governments and organisations can bring health services closer to these people. Dedicating resources to these efforts will save the cherished Tsimane people and preserve them accordingly.

  • Preservation of indigenous land

tsimane kid group www.tsimane.orgJust like any other native community, land is sacred to the Tsimane. However, modernity has brought industrial development which continues to threaten the livelihood of the native people. Land encroachment is becoming the order of the day. For this reason, allocating native land to the people is pivotal. This is the only sure way to preserve culture. Indeed, a balance must be found to create a compromise that is acceptable. Native populations are able to preserve natural resources better. Wanton destruction and ‘development’ of native land has also brought on climate change as well. Therefore, it is a hgh time to learn from those who understand the land better. Preservation of native land is the way to go.  

  • Better education opportunities

tsimane kids www.tsimane.orgMore and more native communities are embracing the idea of modern education. However, the Tsimane for example do not have access to quality education. In some cases, there is no framework in place to accommodate the needs of these people. To this end, the opportunities for proper education are limited. For those who have gotten a formal education, discrimination is a huge problem. Changing mindsets about natives will go a long way in fostering better education frameworks for the natives who are open to learning.

  • More awareness about native people

Before the health research on the Tsimane was done, many people had no idea who these people were. Without awareness, there is no understanding. Therefore, sharing information about these people will go a long way in helping the larger society better appreciate the indigenous people. Knowing who they are and how they live is the first step in the right direction.  

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